Understanding how individuals deal with paradoxical tensions through the lens of ambivalence: The case of technology transfer among U.S. federal laboratory scientists
10 Nov 2022 (Thu)
LSK Rm1034
Dr. Joohyung (Jenny) Kim, Arizona State University

Despite the growing popularity of the paradox perspective, there is still a limited understanding of how, why, and when paradoxical tensions influence individual behaviors. I unravel these unresolved questions through the lens of ambivalence. Taking a finer-grained approach to distinguish two types of ambivalence (i.e., deep- and surface-level ambivalence), I examine how distinct paradoxical tensions (i.e., intra-role identity conflict and mixed organizational support) predict different types of ambivalence, which in turn influence individual behaviors. Further, by examining conditions that alter individual responses to paradoxical tensions and ambivalence, I offer practical guidelines for managing paradoxical tensions and ambivalence.