Should We Contribute to Community Projects Sponsored by a Socially Tainted Firm?
Research Seminar
28 Apr 2023 (Fri)
9:00am – 10:30am
LSK Rm5047
Prof. Yanfeng Zheng, HKUST

Stakeholders are increasingly involved in corporate community projects while sponsoring firms sometimes commit other irresponsible behavior. For voluntary participants, whether to continue their contribution becomes a dilemma after sponsors’ irresponsible behavior is exposed. To better understand stakeholders’ responses to this dilemma, we borrow insights from the action-based cognitive dissonance theory and investigate corporate-sponsored opensource software projects. Exploiting the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, we find that stakeholders reduced voluntary contributions to Facebook’s open source projects after the scandal. However, their response was subtly contingent on whether their behaviors or cognition was more resistant to change. Our study contributes to the emerging stakeholdercentric perspective in corporate community management and offers practical suggestions.