Prof. David HAGMANN

Prof. David HAGMANN

Assistant Professor

Academic Qualifications

  • Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University, Behavioral Decision Research
  • M.S. Carnegie Mellon University, Behavioral Decision Research
  • B.A. Fordham University, Mathematics and Economics


  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Department of Management, Assistant Professor, July 2021 - present.

  • Harvard University, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Postdoctoral Fellow, January 2019 - July 2021.


Refereed Journal Publications (Chronological, alphabetical)

  • Ho, E., Hagmann, D. & Loewenstein, G. 2021. Measuring information preferences. Management Science. (Download here)

  • Hagmann, D., Ho, E. & Loewenstein, G. 2019. Nudging out support for a carbon tax. Nature Climate Change, 9: 484-489. (Download here)

  • Loewenstein, G., Hagmann, D., Schwartz, J., Ericson, K., Kessler, J., Bhargava, S., Blumenthal-Barby, J., D'Aunno, T., Handel, B., Kolstad, J., Nussbaum, D., Shaffer, V., Skinner, J., Ubel, P. & Zikmund-Fisher, B. 2017. A behavioral blueprint for improving health care policy. Behavioral Science & Policy, 3: 53-66. (Download here)

  • Golman, R., Hagmann, D., & Loewenstein, G. 2017. Information Avoidance. Journal of Economic Literature, 55: 96–135. (Download here)

  • Golman, R., Hagmann, D. and Miller, J. 2015. Polya’s Bees: A model of decentralized decision-making. Science Advances, 1: e1500253. (Download here)

  • Loewenstein, G., Bryce, C., Hagmann, D. & Rajpal, S. 2015. Warning: You are about to be nudged. Behavioral Science & Policy 1: 35–42. (Download here)

  • Hagmann, D., & Tassier, T. 2014. Endogenous movement and equilibrium selection in spatial coordination Games. Computational Economics, 44: 379–95. (Download here)

Book Chapters

  • Schwartz, B., Richerson, P. J., Berkman, B. E., Frankenreiter, J., Hagmann, D., Isaacowitz, D. M., Pachur, T., Schooler, L. J., & Wehling, P. 2021. The Deep Structure of Deliberate Ignorance: Mapping the Terrain. In R. Hertwig & C. Engel (Eds.), Deliberate Ignorance: Choosing Not to Know: 65-88. The MIT Press. (Download here)


  • Information

  • Persuasion

  • Judgment and Decision Making

  • Behavioral Economics