Prof. Joon Nak CHOI

Prof. Joon Nak CHOI

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Academic Qualifications

  • Ph.D. Stanford University, Sociology
  • M.A. Stanford Univeristy, Sociology
  • A.B. Brown University, Economics, International Relations and Urban Studies


  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Department of Management, Adjunct Assistant Professor, 2017 - present; Assistant Professor, 2011 - 2017; Institute for Emerging Market Studies, Faculty Associate, 2013 - present.

  • Stanford University, Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, Freeman-Spogli Institute for International Studies, William Perry Postdoctoral Fellow, 2010 - 2011.


Refereed Journal Publications (Chronological, alphabetical)

  • Choi, J. N. and Hong, J. Y. 2020. Social networks as a political resource: Revisiting Korean democratic transition. Journal of East Asian Studies, 20: 75-98.

  • Choi, J. N. 2019. From miracle to mirage: The making and unmaking of the Korean middle class, 1960-2015 (book review). The American Journal of Sociology, 125, September 2019.

  • Shin, G. W., Choi, J. & Moon, R. 2019. Skilled migrants as human and social capital in Korea. Asian Survey, 59: 673-692.

  • Choi, J. N., Kang, M. and Shin, G. W. 2014. Democratic transition and intra-party politics: The distribution of key party positions in democratizing South Korea. The Journal of Korean Studies, 19: 7-36.


  • Shin, G. W. & Choi, J. N. 2015. Global Talent: Towards a New Model of Engaging Skilled Foreigners in Korea. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

    • Review: Reiko Ogawa. 2018. Journal of Asian and African Studies 53: 1272-1275.

    • Review: Keumjae Park. 2016. International Migration Review. Fall 2016.

    • Review: Hilary J. Holbrow. 2016. Work and Occupations 43: 112-114.

Edited Volumes

  • Choi, J. N., Lee, Y. S. & Shin, G. W. 2018. Strategic, Policy and Social Innovation for a Post-Industrial Korea: Beyond the Miracle. Routledge.

Book Chapters

  • Choi, J. N. Introduction. 2018. In Choi, J. N., Lee, Y. S. & Shin, G. W. (Ed.) Strategic, Policy and Social Innovations for a Post-Industrial Korea: Beyond the Miracle. Routledge.

  • Choi, J. N. & Eesley, C. 2018. Brain drain, circulation and linkage: Sequence analysis of Korean nationals graduating from Stanford. In Choi, J. N., Lee, Y. S. & Shin, G. W. (Ed.) Strategic, Policy and Social Innovations for a Post-Industrial Korea: Beyond the Miracle. Routledge.

  • Shin, G. W. & Choi, J. N. 2016. From brain drain to brain linkage: Korean students abroad as transnational bridges. In Oh, Y. C., Shin, G. W. & Moon, R. (Ed.) Internationalizing Higher Education in Korea: Challenges and Opportunities in Comparative Perspective. Washington, DC: The Brookings Institution Press.

  • Shin, G. W. & Choi, J. N. 2012. Economic globalization and expatriate labor in Korea. In Bahk, B & Shin, G. W. (Ed.) South Korea and the Global Economy in Transition: Selected Working Papers: 123-146. Stanford, CA: The Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center at Stanford University.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

  • Reynolds, W. N., Salter, W. J., Farber R. M., Corley, C., Dowling, C.P., Beeman W. O., Smith-Lovin, L., & Choi, J, N. 2013. Sociolect-based community detection. Proceedings of the IEEE Intelligence and Security Informatics 2013 Conference.

More Publications


  • Choi, J. N. 2016 Disconnectedness as boon or misfortune? Structural isolation and hedge fund returns. To be presented at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting Regular Session on Economic Sociology, Seattle.

  • Choi, J. N. 2016. The structure of economic globalization: It's a small world after all. To be presented at the Economic Sociology Section ASA preconference on The New Economy, University of Washington; and at the 28th Annual Meeting conference of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics Session on Globalization and Socio-Economic Development, University of California, Berkeley.

  • Choi, J. N. 2015. Globalization: The clash between flattening and tectonic forces. Presented at the KODAC Forum, Institute of International Studies at Kyung Hee University.


  • Ad Hoc reviewers:

    • Academy of Management Journal

    • International Sociology

    • Long-Range Planning

    • Organization Science

    • The Sociological Quarterly


  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • International Business

  • Corporate Strategy and Organizational Theory

  • Economic Sociology

  • Global and Transnational Sociology

  • Social Networks


  • Institute for Emerging Market Studies, HKUST “Social Networks and the Geographic Pattern of EMNC Expansion Overseas” 2014-16. HKD 125,000 (USD 16,000)

  • Direct Allocation Grant, Research Grants Council (HKSAR) “Information, Geography and Similarity Effects on Mergers and Acquisitions”. 2012-14. HKD 100,000 (USD 12,800)